2007.. welcome to the world of Blog.

Well, after much cajoling from the geek elite (Callum) and those who simply have too much time on their hands (Callum), I have given in and decided to make a go of keeping a Blog thingy. So here it is.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my Blogging journey than with a picture of my beautiful, diverse and dysfunctional family. Here they are in all their glory. Starting from the left we have my sister Melanie, then Chris, Dan, myself, my sister Jamie. Front row of course is my Mum, Cheryl and Dad, George.

2007 promises to be a year of new beginnings for all of us kids. Jamie is heading off to Japan, Chris has just left home for Bible college in Auckland, and Melanie is considering moving to Wellington for work. Dan is very busy becoming a lawyer extraordinaire and preparing to had to Vienna for a mooting championship, and I… well… watch this space for some important updates on what 2007 holds for me.

Over and out.



~ by humblemonkey on February 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “2007.. welcome to the world of Blog.”

  1. hey bro, good to see u are finally blogging again …

  2. Will,

    ahhh, the blogsphere . .. my other other home.

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