Enough is Enough


Another poem. My New Zealand friends will get what it’s about. I’m not saying this poem is right or wrong.. it is simply my feelings and thoughts from the time in question.

“Taking back the nation for God?
Funny thing is God’s kingdom is
Maui did not fish it up.
All people are one
There are no borders, no foreigners,
So why do you
You zealous Xenophobe
On your Harley Davidson
Why do you storm a concrete Beehive?
Why banners
and not prayers?
Why organise marches to Parliament
Instead of missions to the gutter?
You want changes in human law
But you do not exercise God’s law.
What does the Lord require of us?
Not rejection
But compassion
Not exclusion
But inclusion
The kingdom will be won,
Not through anger
But through Love.

You’re so busy throwing stones, you fail to see the writing in the sand
Human law is meaningless, it has no power
But God’s love expressed through one person can change a nation.. a continent.. a world.
In fact, it already has.
It’s too easy, too easy
To shout and march and wave
It’s too easy
To be Indignant
It is much harder
to Care.”


~ by humblemonkey on October 24, 2007.

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