Mother Theresa: on other Religions

“God has his own means and ways of working in the hearts of people, and we do not know how close they are to Him. But in their actions we always have a clue to their attitude towards Him. Muslim, Hindu or Christian, the way you live your life is a measure of your belonging to God. We cannot condemn of judge, or speak words that might hurt. Perhaps a person has never heard of Christianity; if so, we do not know in what manner God appears in this soul and in what way He has this soul serve His purpose. By what right then can we condemn anyone?”

– Mother Theresa

This is the first of what will probably be several posts on Mother Theresa and her letters, which I finished reading a few months ago. I would love to hear comments from anyone who happens to read these excerpts. I am reluctant to discuss them too much. I would rather let them speak for themselves and see whether they elicit similar responses in others.

Here Mother Theresa comments briefly on other religions. I find her ideas fascinating. She gives Mana or ‘honour’ to the spiritual journey’s of others, whilst maintaining her own integrity as a follower of Jesus. She is the first to admit our relative ignorance when it comes to knowing the hearts of other people or the way God speaks to those hearts, and in doing so I believe she stresses the importance of trusting God with His side of the bargain, whilst emphasising the importance of our actions in demonstrating the authenticity of the God we claim to know.


~ by humblemonkey on November 24, 2007.

One Response to “Mother Theresa: on other Religions”

  1. Very good quote. I’ve just been conversing with someone who’s trying to pin me down on what Christians believe about who is and who isn’t going to heaven. I think I’ll borrow this quote for my next post. Thank you.

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