Awesome skills

Having awesome skills is the pride of every red-blooded male. Learning them is also a lot of fun!

These were going to be New Years resolutions, but since some of them might fail, I’ve instead set them as personal challenges that may or may not be achieved this year:

1) Learn to do a human flag (see a tutorial here or the world champ here)

2) Learn a standing backflip

3) Be able to do Muscle-ups

4) Achieve a one-arm pull-up (a nice video here)

The first two won’t be too hard.. in fact, I can already do the flag for a few seconds, after only a few weeks of training. I’m taking gymnastics classes this year to learn some flips and the muscle-up. But the one-arm pullup… that will be tough. Been training by doing one-arm let downs and weighted chin-ups, but currently I’m still only doing about 6 reps with 20kg attached to me… not bad, but will have to get stronger to do a one-armer. More up-dates to come, with photos!

Btw, I’m getting tutorials for all this stuff from check it out! The guy who runs the site, Jim, is my hero. Check out some of his antics here.


~ by humblemonkey on February 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Awesome skills”

  1. I wish I was half the man you are Will.

  2. Pound for pound, you probably are bro đŸ˜‰

    But when it comes to heart, I suspect its the other way around

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