Faith, and Sleeping in

I wasn’t going to do Lent this year, but I gave in after an inspiring speech from Sam Harvey.

I’ve decided to give up sleeping-in. I am a man who values (and needs) his sleep. Running around and climbing trees makes me sore and tired, and on average I need a good nine hours a night to function. Call me wussy if ya want, but that’s how I’m wired. Add to this that I’m a night owl who hates going to bed before midnight, and you get someone who sleeps-in till the last possible second before I go to work or Uni (eg, 8.30am wake-ups).

As such I’m setting my alarm for 7.30am, weekdays and weekends, for the next forty days. If I get tired I’ll just have to be a Nana and go to bed earlier. Just so others can pester him, Elliot Taylor is undertaking the same fast. Through the magic of cellphone texting, we are suffering together.

I’m hoping the extra time in the mornings will equate to more prayer and bible study. Note ‘hoping’. I’ll give it my best shot. My faith is in a really weird place at the moment. I still cling to God, and love Jesus, but I’m asking a lot of questions at the moment. Your prayers and patience would be appreciated.


~ by humblemonkey on February 8, 2008.

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