I have the best friends in the world!

Thanks everyone who’s given me a hug recently and told me they loved me and believed in me, even when I’m a brooding grumpy bastard.

Thanks Andy for your awesome gift this week, it shall be put to great use.

Thanks Amilie for your words of wisdom.

Thanks Dan Geary for being a FLIPPIN LEGEND and making me my own gymnastics rings by welding solid steel together! Now that’s a man after my own heart! Just need some good rope now and I’ll be happy as larry.. however happy he is, or would be, if given gymnastics rings.

Photo of the rings to appear soon, once I figure out how to upload photos from my new camera (thanks Andy!!!)

In other news, it turns out that since I’m doing a Development studies thesis, there is no ‘checking’. Once I hand it in, that’s it. It gets marked, my work is done! Yussssss… in two weeks it will all be ooooooover!


~ by humblemonkey on February 11, 2008.

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