Gymnastics is the Awesome

Last night Adam and I went to our first adults gymnastics class. It was awesome!

Now I think about it, I should have taken my camera! Adam was doing backflips off some stacked boxes, at least 4 feet up, maybe higher. I managed to successfully do my first muscle-up on gymnastic rings, with some advice on technique from a classmate. It’s bloody hard! Can’t wait to get my gym-rings set up at home and practise this skill more. It’s probably the most amazing upper-body exercise I’ve ever come across.

I also got over my fear of trampolines, which have scared the crap out of me since I had a nasty fall off one about 5 years ago. Now I’ve got some confidence I have to get used to the wobblyness of it. Did some ok-ish front flips by the end of the night though.

Oh, and I was doing some real nice hands-only rope climbs. Boo-yah!

For anyone wanting to learn how to back-flip and can’t find a gymnasium, this video is probably the best tutorial I’ve ever seen. It’s done by a young gymnastics instructor, and is meticulous and easy to understand. Highly recommended. Stay safe and use a spotter!

I promise I’ll take photos next time =)


~ by humblemonkey on February 12, 2008.

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