Pilot Down

My flatmate bought the game ‘Pilot Down’ last week. It is the crappest game I have ever played.

It sounds promising at first.. shot down over enemy territory in WWII, you have to fight you way back to neutral Switzerland. ‘Cool!’ you think, ‘sounds fascinating!’

The only fascinating thing about this game is how the hell a company could spend three years making it and still produce such a piece of crap. The levels are stark, colourless, and linear. The AI is none existent. The shooting is ridiculous… if you’re even standing near a wall or a box, your bullets will stick to them and not hit their intended target. I got stuck on one of the last levels because of a glitch and finally gave up, after wasting countless precious hours of my life.

If it didn’t belong to my flatmate, I’d burn this game and dance around its ashes. Do not buy it.



~ by humblemonkey on February 24, 2008.

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