The Scratch

Last week I got a scratch on my forehead. So right now I kinda look like this:


(I couldn’t find a camera)

The real story of how I got it is incredibly boring; I scratched myself with my thumbnail as I was getting changed one day. However, this doesn’t stop people from asking incessantly how I got the scratch.

So I’ve decided to let you, the reader, decide what really should have happened. You have to vote on your favourite story below. The story with the most votes by this monday will become reality – if anyone ever asks about the scratch again, I will tell them that story. You all have till next monday to decide. Vote now!

The stories:

A) I was dared by one of my friends to steal Blanket Man’s blanket. On attempting to do so, Blanket Man flew into a rage and kick-boxed me to the head. I walked away in shame, blanket-less, while Blanket Man rocked out to Rage Against the Machine on his iPod.

B) On coming home after a long day at work, I realised I had lost my house key. In sheer frustration, I smacked my forehead repeatedly against my bedroom window until it broke and I fell in, unconscious. When I came to, I realised my key was in my pocket after all. The landlord charged me $100 to replace the window.

C) I went hunting Ligers, and I found one.

D) I told Mason I knew what love was. He promptly punched me in the head, yelling “You don’t even know!” (Won’t make sense to non-blueprinters).

E) After narcissistic-ly staring at my own reflection in the bathroom mirror for over an hour, my head swelled so much from pride that the skin stretched and split across my forehead, ironically marring the very face that I had been admiring only seconds before.


~ by humblemonkey on March 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Scratch”

  1. I vote the one about knowing what love is.

    Followed by the head on the window one.

    Or you could say you had suicidal ideation’s but couldn’t remember which body part was best to cut.

  2. I vote D. Definitely.

  3. 100% of the voters agreed that yes, D was the best option.

    Those stats would look good on a bar graph.

  4. I vote for A…hahaha…that was funny!

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