List Lover

It’s time to come out of the closet… I am list lover. I love reading, and writing, lists. I love the challenge of attempting to crystallize the complex human experience into ordered little strings of information. Fun fun fun!

Top Ten lists are my favourite – not as vague as Top 5s, but sharper and less time consuming then a Top 100, forcing you to really think about the topic.


So here’s my first list. Feel free to comment with your own contributions, or even ideas for future lists!


Top Ten – Things that always seem go missing, no matter what

1. Socks – I must have bought hundreds of pairs of socks over the years! Where do they go? Perhaps washing machines eat them?

2. Pens – No matter how many I try to accumulate, I never have any

3. Receipts for things I really need to have receipts for

4. Change – as soon as your Bus pulls up.. where the heck has my change gone?! I’ve been playing with it for the last 10 minutes!

5. Chargers- for cellphones, cameras, you name it.. you run outta battery at the worst moment and your charger is away with the fairies

6. Hair ties – yes, I wear hair ties – for my very manly dreadlocks

7. Sunglasses – can’t seem to hold on to a pair

8. Your favourite tshirt – or whatever one you feel like wearing at the time

9. Milk – where does it go?? Perhaps the cows come in the night and steal it (though it is rightfully theirs I guess)

10. Important emails – where the heck did it go? Despite having powerful search functions, yahoo and gmail fail again and again to find that essential email




~ by humblemonkey on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “List Lover”

  1. Will, I too am a chronic list-maker!

    I think my keys would be right up there with change and pens… and important travel documents such as my passport or boarding pass always seem to do the same thing as bus-change right as I get to the departure gate or right as an airline/customs/immigration official wants to quiz me on something.

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