Top Ten Tracks

Inspired by Virtual Phil, here they are… my top ten tracks of all time… pretty hard choosing these! I reserve the right to change them in the future. In fact, I probably will.

10. O, Fortuna – Carl Orff

9. Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Iglova, Once

8. Semaphore – Jakob, Cale:Drew

7. Sally’s Song – Danny Elfman, Nightmare Before Christmas (this is Fiona Apples version)

6. Nessun Dorma – performed by Paul Potts (I can’t watch this without crying)

5. Lilac Wine – Elkie Brooks, the Jeff Buckley version from Grace

4. High and Dry –  Radiohead, The Bends (so hard to choose a Radiohead song! This one is simple but has good memories)

3. Lover You Should Have Come Over – Jeff Buckley, Grace (so soo hard to choose a fave Jeff Buckley song!!)

2. Untitled 8 – Sigur Ros, ( )

and finally..

1. La Catedral – Agustin Barrios

This song, in three movements, is unbelievably hard to play on the classical guitar, and painfully beautiful. Barrios dedicated this monumental work to this beautiful Cathedral in downtown Montevideo.

Best of all, my mother plays it better than anyone I’ve ever heard. Here she is (click arrow to play)

La Catedral.mp3]


~ by humblemonkey on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Top Ten Tracks”

  1. call me an uneducated swine, but that’s the first time I’ve listened to buckley ( despite him being a favourite of many of my friends). . . Great track.

    Thanks for playing too Will, I didn’t realise you was still lbogging!

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