in your mind’s eye

“in your minds eye

buildings rise up like the crooked fingertips

of long-dead titans

abstraction made perfect in black ink

and radiating


in your minds eye

the promise of peace

is more enticing

than the most golden of mexican sunsets

and the warmth of the creative juices

flowing through your careful fingers

brings a gaiety to your step

and a softness to your countenance

that no beachfront restaurant could hope to

(even your mother admits it,

and the restaurant was her idea)

in your minds eye

Taranaki watches from lofty heights as

Tangaroa takes you down into his cold embrace

and shows you his secrets in a way

that only you can understand

and only your paintbrush, and pen, can describe


it is never completely captured,

and you are never satisfied with the result

(there is always more to add

– this is the artists curse)


in your minds eye

everything is begging for interpretation

to be born again in black ink

and radiating



~ by humblemonkey on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “in your mind’s eye”

  1. This is good . . . It’s yours?

  2. yes, I wrote it this year… re-invigorating my poetic passion.. thankyou for the compliment =)

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