Our Government underwhelms me once again..

… on the issue of Climate Change (among other things).

Check out the latest news on our government’s emissions reductions targets here. John Key has announced New Zealand’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be a cut of between 10 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020.. far beneath the 40-45% cut that key scientists and environmental groups are saying is necessary to avert disaster.

To respond to this, I’d like to quote my buddy Ricky:

“Nick Smith may claim this is ‘ambitious’, but in actual fact it is completely underwhelming and at odds with scientific (not to mention humanitarian and environmental) demands! And what is the deal with being so equivocal: 10-20%?  Pacific climate experts are calling for a 45% cut by 2020. They are feeling the heat; their lives, land, identity and culture are under threat now. Our government is not leading on what is the most pressing global issue in our lives.”

Well said my brother from another mother. But lets take an even closer look at the Herald article. As an explanation as to why the reduction target was so low, John Key said that

” the cost per person of meeting this reduction would be $1400 per person, or $30 per week…. This target carefully balances our environmental responsibilities with a realistic assessment of the economic costs.”

What Mr Key and his lackies have failed to take into account (despite his assertions to the contrary) is the huge costs of NOT responding drastically to climate change. We’re talking extreme storms, extreme droughts, massive influxes of climate refugees, loss of food and water resources, loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, damage to human settlements etc etc.

This is the biggest global issues we have ever had to face, and New Zealand needs to lift its game.

If you want to be involved, check out the 350 campaign here or the Sign On petition here.


~ by humblemonkey on August 13, 2009.

One Response to “Our Government underwhelms me once again..”

  1. HOnestly Will, I have absolutely not confidence in any of our worlds leaders to take this issue seriously. After 200,000 years of homo sapien existence there are two things we cannot do: cure the common cold and get on with each other. I honestly think that our so called leaders will simply let it happen. Ben Elton’s book “Stark” is a good read on how our politicians would probably react to such a crisis. My advice? Buy a property in the hills!

    Still, we must continue to push what is the most important issue facing humankind. Who knows, we might get lucky!

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