Violence is the voice of the unheard

There seem to be a fantastic group of young people emerging around the world who are so in love with the Kingdom of love that Jesus talked about that they try to enact it here and now.

One of those young people is Jarrod McKenna, founder of the Peace Tree intentional community in Australia and notable educator on non-violent strategies for disarmament and peace-building.

I had the privilege of meeting this Brother-from-another-mother at the NZ Justice festival, ‘Passionfest’, earlier this year. In Jarrod’s words, he likes to “provoke peace and throw fuel on the fire of a growing nonviolent movement in this generation”. He is very good at doing it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer would have said that Jarrod is someone who understands the meaning of ‘costly discipleship’.

Recently Jarrod and a group of three friends risked their lives to interrupt the Talisman Saber war-games, a live fire exercise in the Queensland bush. They called themselves the Bonhoeffer Four, and their main point was this.. we live in a world that spends $1.2trillion a year on military spending.. about 26 times the amount that the United Nations predicts would take to eradicate extreme poverty. The group were arrested soon after, but not before making a powerful statement to the Australian military, the Church, and the whole militarism of the West. You can see an explanation from the team here on what they were doing:

Or Jarrod’s interview here.


~ by humblemonkey on August 13, 2009.

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