NHS slow and ineffective? Who cares!

There’s a lot of media attention on the British NHS at the moment, most of it drawn by american Right Wingers who are resisting the much-needed healthcare reform in the States. ‘Don’t create public healthcare!’ they say, ‘just look at the NHS!’

Well, ok. I’m a brit, born and raised. I grew up with the NHS. ANd all I have to say is.. ‘free healthcare?? yes please!!’

Sure, the NHS has a lot of room for improvement. But long waiting lines and dodgy dealings by NHS staff doesn’t negate the fact that a free public health service benefits MILLIONS of brits who would otherwise never be able to afford the healthcare they need, period. Sure, there’s long waiting lines.. thats what happens when all healthcare is free… people start going to the doctor and dentist as soon as they feel poorly, instead of waiting for it to get chronic.

My family grew up in the UK, and most of them are still over there. Because of NHS, I was all able to get things like a set of jaw braces (normally thousands of dollars), operations etc for free etc. Free healthcare is fantastic. If people don’t like the waiting lines, they can go private if they want! Private healthcare will always be there, offering faster and higher quality services.. but not everyone will be able to afford this.

Again, most of the attention on the NHS currently is because of the healthcare reforms in the US, around which so much misinformation has been spread. For goodness sake, no one is forcing you to use a public health option if you don’t want it! Government officials won’t turn up at your door as soon as you start getting sniffly. You can still go private, or keep the private provider you already have. Having a public option means those who simply cannot afford private care will have somewhere to go when they get sick.

It’s time for the misinformation and lies to stop.. this boils down to healthcare corporate lobbying vs the needs of impoverished familes.. period.


~ by humblemonkey on October 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “NHS slow and ineffective? Who cares!”

  1. Hear, hear!

  2. The NHS aint perfect, but I wouldn’t trade it for the US system any day of the week. (although I now live in NZ, where is is pretty much the same)

    I wrote a little post on the ‘Evil’ NHS myself, I’d love your feedback on it!

    all the best


    Evil and Socialist NHS!

  3. Hey Will, just noticed you stopped by mine recently! how’ve you been?

    I ran a short rant on US perceptions of the NHS back in August. Most of the debate from the right seems highly polemic. .. so I’ve responded in kind 😉


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