Father John Dear

Went to hear Father John Dear speak tonight.

He was awesome.

John is a Jesuit priest, peace activist, lecturer, and writer of approximately twenty books on nonviolence, including Living Peace.

In the course of his civil disobedience as protester of war and violence, he has been arrested more than 75 times. His longest period of incarceration lasted eight months, plus nine months of house arrest, following his participation in a Plowshares Movement disarmament action. As a result, Dear lost his United States voting rights, is prohibited from traveling to certain countries, and is subjected to increased scrutiny at airports.

In protest to UAV attacks in Pakistan, in an event sponsored by Nevada Desert Experience, Dear, Father Louie Vitale, Kathy Kelly, Stephen Kelly, SJ, and others were arrested outside Creech Air Force Base on Wednesday April 9, 2009. He received the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award in September of 2009 for his solidarity and leadership in nonviolent resistance, vegetarian life style and Gospel living.

This guy is my hero. He marries sound and courageous theology (where did the Sermon on the Mount go for the last 1700 years?) with integrity in word and deed. Not just that, but John showed an intimate knowledge, historically and contemporarily, of humanities addiction to violence, and its complete failure to truly resolve human issues. He put forward practical examples, starting with Jesus, moving through the usual suspects (gandhi MLK etc) and into the modern era where active, smart, courageous, disciplined and loving non-violent activism and peace-building truly have succeeded in bringing lasting peace.

I can’t remember any off the top of my head other than the ones I knew already (Gandhi’s India, MLKs civil rights, the Marcos regime in the Philippines, and a number of states in the former Soviet Bloc). Watch this space for more on the subject.

In the meantime, check out Father John Dear’s website here. Lots of good info to be going on with.


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