A Christian Response to Climate Change

As Nicolas Stern has said,

“The most vulnerable – the poorest countries and populations – will suffer earliest and most, even though they have contributed least to the causes of climate change.”

This excellent video from TEAR Australia tugs at the heart strings, but it also asks us some very important questions.. how will we respond when we see our neighbor already suffering from the devastating effects of climate change.

My friend, activist Jarrod McKenna, has called this the most pressing social justice issue of our time. His fears are reflected in this quote from Nazmul Chowdhury, the

“Forget about making poverty history. Climate Change will make poverty permanent.”

The issue of Climate Change has been ignored and sidelined for too long by Western communities, Christian and Secular, because of the inconvenience it causes us in terms of lifestyle changes and shifts in thinking. It also uncovers the great myth of Western supremacy for what it really is.. a bigoted arrogance built on the sweat, blood and bones of the millions of people we have exploited over the years, and continue to exploit, in order to live the way we do.

The problem of Climate Change requires global solutions. New Zealand has one of the most greenhouse polluting economies in the world on a per-capita basis. We are punching well above our weight in terms of our contribution the problem. We need to encourage our politicians to become leaders in finding solutions for the world and for the global poor. You can check out some ways to get involved in this here and here.

Also,  everyone can play a part in limiting the greenhouse gas emissions that are the primary driver of current global warming. I’ve made the personal decision to no longer buy meat for my groceries (livestock are responsible for around 40% of NZ greenhouse emissions). I’m saving on my grocery bill, and on emissions!
Take some simple steps to reduce your impact! It’s really not that hard. Find out more here and here.


~ by humblemonkey on November 11, 2009.

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