Religion, conflict, and a Charter of Compassion

This article is one of the most eloquent and insightful explorations of faith, conflict and interfaith understanding that I have ever read. I applaud Karen Armstrong for her careful thought and proactive initiatives.


Here is one of my favourite quotes:


“Religion is a practical rather than a notional discipline. It is not a question of thinking or ‘believing’ things but of behaving consistently in a way that changes you at a profound level…
…In the New Testament, when Jesus was asking for “faith” (Greek: pistis, “trust, involvement, commitment”) he was not asking for a credulous acceptance of a set of doctrines. He was calling for action, seeking disciples who would give what they had to the poor, live rough, behave compassionately even to social outcasts, and devote their lives to the coming Kingdom when rich and poor, weak and powerful would live together in harmony. When the early Christians recited “creeds” they were not expressing “belief” so much as making this kind of commitment; the Latin credo derives from cor do: “I give my heart.”
– Karen Armstrong


~ by humblemonkey on November 18, 2009.

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