People’s Coffee – Keepcup launch

People’s Coffee are launching their ‘Keepcups’ ‘ on Monday, the 23rd of November!

At last, a Fairtrade Coffee company with excellent coffee is providing a good alternative to paper disposable cups for takeaway coffees! People’s…  I think love you.

I am a coffee addict, and I often forget to bring my thermos mug with me to Cafes. The sheer amount of takeaway coffees I have subsequently bought and thrown away over the years is a secret source of shame for this supposed eco-justice hippy. And I am not the only one.. in Wellington, our love of great takeaway coffee is costing our environment dearly.

So at least now, if I’m hankering for a caffeine fix in town and I forget my Keepcup, I can always buy another one and give the first away as a gift to a friend! (I promise I will try not to do this too often..)

KeepCups seem pretty cool… not only are they sexy, but at the end of their life (approximately four years) they can be recycled or the components can be replaced. They are reusable, unbreakable (according to the website), and are produced using relatively low energy compared to similar products. Nice one!

People’s have got a poster up about the Keepcup at their Constable St and Garrett St cafes. I encourage you to go check em out!


~ by humblemonkey on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “People’s Coffee – Keepcup launch”

  1. Apart from you of course, People’s is what I miss most in the whole world about Wellington. Wahhh. And they just get cooler. The cups sound freaking awesome!

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