Stop! Thief!

Yesterday, between 9.45 and 10am, thieves broke into my apartment and stole a number of valuable items, including everybody’s laptop (5 in total) and some jewellery. My laptop was among those taken. I had no insurance. On top of this, I lost all my photos, videos, poetry, and original music I have recorded (the thieves stole my backup hard drives too). Obviously I’m very angry and upset about the creative and sentimental loss more than anything.

The police are investigating the crime, and we are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.. re-fitting locks, updating/getting insurance etc.

No-one was home, so no-one was hurt, and that is a blessing. We are all in a state of shock at the moment, and while we are appreciating loving texts and emails from friends and family, we are asking these be kept to one or two, just so we don’t get barraged with love.

The best thing anyone can do now is pray. Pray that myself and the rest of the flatmates find peace in this situation, and don’t allow feelings of anger or fear to fester. Pray that the police do their job well and find the thieves and our belongings. Pray the thieves realise the error of their ways and turn themselves in, or at least hand in the items to the police, however unlikely that is.

Also, without downplaying the wrongness of the thieves’ actions, we must remember that crimes like this are so often the result of a society where groups of people have been hurt, marginalised and ignored. Let us all pray, hope for, and work towards a society where thievery and crime is no longer necessary, or consciously possible.


I am reminded of this quote:

“To bless the people who have oppressed our spirits, emotionally deprived us, or in other ways handicapped us, is the most extraordinary work any of us will ever do.” – Elizabeth O’Connor

Practically, I am accepting offers of beer and confectionery  =)
But in seriousness, PLEASE forward me all photos you might have of Asher, or me. I have lost all these.Another useful thing people can do is keep an eye out for computers/laptops that I can use in the meantime until I buy a new one (a long way off), or keep. I am involved in a number of volunteer community initiatives in my spare time that require a computer, and I don’t like sitting in my office till 10pm typing away 😉

Love to you all

Will (and his flatmates)


~ by humblemonkey on November 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Stop! Thief!”

  1. I’m so terribly sorry. Our house was broken into a year ago this time, and it was such a dreadful violation, to think that someone had wandered into my sanctuary, and strewn filth around.

    I’ll hold out hope that things will be found.

  2. Dude, I’m so sorry to hear about this. Totally sucks.

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