Christianity is Empire

I thoroughly enjoyed this four-part series by Mark Van Steenwyk from the Jesus Manifesto, which explores whether or not Christianity is intrinsically oppressive. Mark explores the history of what we know as ‘Christianity’ with unflinching honesty, but also searches his own soul for a way forward in following the radical Jesus. Very good stuff… make sure you read Mark’s final thoughts though in part 4.

My thoughts around global issues and the future of our planet have again and again led me to the wisdom of indigenous and tribal peoples.  Of particular interest to me was the book Ishmael, which I read this year. Warning.. it will mess with your head. More on this later.

Here are the links to each part, since they’re hard to find by themselves.

Part 1 – An introduction

Part 2 – Subjugating Creation

Part 3 – Christian supremacy

Part 4 – Evangelism and Conquest


~ by humblemonkey on May 5, 2010.

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