About Me

I’m William, and this is my personal weblog. I’m a lover of Christ, a poet, musician, artist, and daredevil extraordinaire. I have long ropey things called Dreadlocks protruding from my head. I have been most recently sighted in Wellington, New Zealand.

I am currently working as an education officer for the Global Education Centre in Wellington, where I run workshops and events centred around Social Justice themes.  I also run a Youth Activism website called Just Focus. Basically, I’m trying to save the world. Some days I actually think I’m making progress.

Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like a haunting piece of Music, a Bavarian wheat beer, or a good British Comedy. I dislike shaving, spearmint flavoured gum, and the fact that I can’t quite finish a cup of tea before it goes cold. I am a modest man with an unbelievable ego. I have at times been known to scale small buildings with nothing but a cellphone and a banana. I am an expert in origami, a veteran in tomfoolery, and an outlaw in Canada. Children trust me.

These are my thoughts on everything, from important issues like faith and social justice, to the slightly more inane things, like why japanese TV shows are awesome. Enjoy.

6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I knew Tom Foolery. Certainly a man worth knowing and learning about,, however, I wouldn’t consider myslef an expert in Tom foolery, just pehaps an interested observer.

    I am more of a shenaniganic Scholar, if you take my meaning.

  2. We need a babysitter for Saturday night. Might you consider coming to Long Island (US)? We pay $10/hour.

  3. Haha, I love babysitting. Wouldn’t mind coming to Long Island if you cover the travel costs?

  4. you’re wonderful.

  5. Kia ora Will, Good to see your blog. Hope all is well in Aotearoa! Will be there for a visit in December, hopefully can catch up in Welli 🙂 Sending you good vibes from Indonesia, Peace Sarah

    • Indonesia?? Awesome!
      Thanks for dropping by Sarah.. look forward to catching up with you in December, when it’s a lot warmer! (hmm… I’m seeing your strategy here… follow the sun eh? good plan!)

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